Name and Location

The school is known as Kabalega Secondary School named after Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom ruler; King Kabalega Chwa II. It is semi urban boys boarding government aided secondary school. The government of Uganda founded the school.

The school is located in Masindi Town council, in Masindi district, It is located North west of Kampala at a latitude of 01041 North of the equator and at a longitude of 30043’ East of Greenwich Meridian. It is 211 kms North-west of Kampala. The Areas elevation is 1147m above sea level. Kabalega Secondary School is one km on Atura road (Masindi – Kigumba road) in Masindi town council, Buruli County, Masindi district. Masindi district covers an area of 9, located between latitudes 1.22’ E and 2022’E long 31022’S and 32o23’S

Historical background

Kabalega Secondary School started in 1959 as a public secondary school under the name Masindi Secondary School, then Bunyoro s.s which name was later changed in 1964 to Kabalega Secondary School. The school was officially opened on the 1st of January 1960 by governor Crawford who was a governor of Uganda. The first Headteacher was Mr. Eastman. Kabalega Secondary School attained A’ Level status in 1970.