Rt. Major Gen. Engineer Ali Kiiza was the chief guest and keynote speaker at the schools career day which took place today at the school main hall.

In attendance were Dr. Bagambe Dan the KASSOBA Masindi chapter chair, Eng. Vicent the roads engineer Masindi district Local government, Mr. Katusabe Alex an Accountant, Mr. Kajura Gerald a mobiliser and former Hp Mr. Shabuni John a lecturer with Kigumba petroleum institute.

Major General Ali Kiiza gave a long personal history of his career which was so enriching and all the staff and students got inspired by his presentation. He said he was in the third intake in the history of the school in 1962 and completed his junior school in 1965. He said that in early 1965 there was a career talk by army officers from Mbuya Arm barracks about recruiting people children into the air force and he happened to pass by and got wind of the pilot career there and then he filled the public service recruitment forms and as soon as they completed the junior course in 1966 he was invited for interviews which got him into the training as a air force cadet pilot in 1968.

He also informed the audience that he has moved through the ranks to achieve this level of Major General until his retirement but still working as a presidential advisor to the president on air force and aviation.

He encouraged young learners not to be scared by their age, but should have good aptitude because the sky is the limit in as far learning is concerned. He clearly stated that careers are influenced by required education, personal characteristics, attitudes, aspirations, knowledge about self and exploring ones career path.

He also emphasized the need for one to have self assessment to know right from wrong and how much one knows him or her self. Students should explore the loan scheme by government to enable them finance their education in these tough economic times. He cautioned young learners on the challenges that affect ones careers such as financial limitation, change in life style, physical and mental preparedness, irresponsible family, age limitations as of being young or too old for a course, and family obligations.

He encouraged the learners to join vocational training which can start at any age after completing ordinary level and eventually achieve ones career calling. In the Aviation career their are various jobs such as Test pilot, Aero space Eng., Air marshal, Air craft load master among many other. The training can be at Soroti Aviation school and other international training schools in the USA. He implored the young learners to explore the aviation career although it is relatively expensive to pursue and takes just two years to complete. On a good note he said the field is well paying but the petroleum field is cheap to afford and more well paying in the whole world. One needs to study sciences like mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and some humanities like geography to be able to qualify for these courses.

In general all the speakers implored the students to have faith in themselves, have self discipline, not to take a wrong path and always seek for guidance from senior academicians teachers and motivational speakers and not bow down to parental pressure while choosing what they would want to do in their careers.

The headteacher Mr. Tumwesige Andrew called upon the senior officer to always come when called upon because it is a rear opportunity to have such persons in society to inspire young children. The headteacher whole heartedly thanked the Major General for sparing time amidst his tight schedule to come and talk to the school. He also introduced all the staff who are teaming up with him to improve the standards of the school. He assured the KASSOBA and Kabalega fraternity of better things coming ahead which only needed time and requested the chief guest to always present the voice of the school to the president about the school which nurtured him to become a presidential pilot for all the presidents in Uganda to date.

The careers day ended at 6:35Pm.

“I Learn to Serve”


  1. Kimera Dennis Reply
    That was good move, am sure the students had good time and advise while they decide on their respective career destiny. I thank the School management for this initiative and updating us online. OB-1997_2001
  2. Anonymous Reply
    Very inspiring!

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