This years careers day was organized by the National KASSOBA Chair Engineer Tony Mugenyi which was held on 05/10/2019 at school. Dr. Dabanza represented the National chair and guided the students in O’level in the morning and the afternoon segment was for the A’level students. He advised the students in making correct choices in their combinations and also choosing the right order while applying for courses in higher institutions of learning. The guest speaker also emphasized the need to carefully choose subjects one is to offer because some of the subjects may also be irrelevant for the courses one is to apply for and they would have labored studying it for nothing.

Learners are to be careful in choosing the right subject combinations in consideration to their ability and a an example of a combination like BCA (Biology, Chemistry and Agriculture) is so demanding and has wide contents to be mastered if one is to compete favorably with another student offering a less demanding subject combination.

Dr. Dabanza also cautioned the learners against getting to be pressurized to do combinations imposed on them by their parents and peer pressure which may be a burden in their later career choices.

The careers day is one of the activities the KASSOBA have organized as part of this years retreat scheduled for 26/10/2019 to 27/10/2019. The other activity to be handled is the renovation of the main library and in programme is also the planting of trees as part of the initiative to conserve the environment.

All OBs are encouraged to join hands in this years activities as we rebuild the great Kabalega Sec School, the pride of Bunyoro region.

“I Learn to Serve”

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