KASSOBA stands Kabalega Old Boys Association.It is an established corporate registered association with its Secretariat at Kabalega Secondary School.


  • To help the Government of Uganda monitor the performance and management of Kabalega Secondary School and make appropriate recommendation to the stake holders of the school.
  • To provide career guidance and counselling sessions to existing students of Kabalega┬áSecondary School.
  • To facilitate and ensure continuous rise in the standards and social well being of Kabalega┬áSecondary School.
  • To cultivate worthy qualities of old and existing students of Kabalega┬áSecondary School.
  • To establish legal transactions to raise funds with the view to promote the objectives and aims of KASSOBA
  • To purchase whenever necessary any property or asset which may help the smooth functioning of Kabalega Secondary School.
  • To promote the welfare of members and bring them together.